Pennsylvania Dental Implants Pro Discusses Pregnancy And Periodontal Disease Connection

Pennsylvania Dental Implants Pro Discusses Pregnancy. Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, a Williamsport, Pennsylvania dentist, says there’s one thing else those pregnant women ought to pay explicit attention to: their dentistry health.

“Obviously, it ought to be a priority for everybody all the time, however it’s of specific importance to girls who are pregnant,” says DiGiallorenzo, a Williamsport, Pennsylvania dental implants specialist.

There is an abundance of proof that disease in pregnant girls will cause premature, low birth weight babies and an inflated probability of kids experiencing dental caries, says DiGiallorenzo, a Williamsport, PA Dental Implants skilled. Some studies have shown that kids of mothers who have untreated dental caries were four times a lot of possible to expertise cavity, compared to kids of different mothers.

Studies even have shown that girls with gum sickness while pregnant are seven times additional possible to allow birth untimely to low birth weight babies, per info announce on the American Academy of Periodontology’s web site.

However, pregnant girls who get treatment for his or her disease will reduce their probability of birth pre-term or low birth weight babies.

Nearly 1/2 women expertise pregnancy periodontitis, the AAP website states, which might be uncomfortable and lead to swollen gums. Alternative signs of periodontal disease embrace harm, tenderness and redness within the gum tissue.

If allowed to progress into disease, the baby’s health may be affected

Treating disease in pregnant women is straightforward and nearly painless. DiGiallorenzo and also the alternative Collegeville and Williamsport, Pennsylvania periodontists in his observe supply treatment via a procedure called LANAP. LANAP stands for “laser assisted new attachment procedure,” and it allows periodontists to treat unhealthy gum tissue while not cutting and sewing.

The LANAP is employed to fine pass between the gum line and also the teeth to get rid of sickness and leave healthy tissue in its place. LANAP employs a fiber-optic that’s akin to concerning 3 human hairs in size. The method uses unbearable root operation to wash root surfaces, followed by a unique laser setting to clot the blood that the dentist gets a decent seal, therefore eliminating the requirement to use sutures.

“We are victimization LANAP in our Pennsylvania dentistry observe for many years currently with fantastic results,” DiGiallorenzo says. “Patients are stunned at however painless and easy the procedure is.”


Getting back to the problem of premature births the March of Dimes reports that they need become the leading medicine issue within the U.S. today.

The March of Dimes recommends a range of steps to assist forestall premature births, and lots of those measures additionally promote higher dental medicine health as well:
Take a multivitamin with 400 micrograms of B complex before and within the early months of pregnancy.

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Dr. David Digiallorenzo, he is an associate clinical professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics. He teaches nationally and internationally and is a regular contributor to dental literature.

Dr. D’s private practice in suburban Philadelphia concentrates on periodontics, dental implantology, advanced reconstructive case management and TMJ treatment. It is a unique dental spa with two full-time massage therapists that specialize in reflexology, reiki, massage, aromatherapy and homeopathy.

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